Underwater Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs

Underwater Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs

Underwater Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs

Core sampling and Drilling

N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services specialised coring system sampling can be undertaken from various surfaces including concrete or steel. This enables the client to make educated evaluations on works that need to be completed. Bridges and any underwater structure can be sampled and the client can then send the sample to their nominated laboratory for testing.


Underwater cutting and welding

Wet Welding is completed directly in the water and is a cost-effective solution. It is a procedure of welding under water at higher than standard atmospheric pressures. Repairs can be done on ship hulls and coffer dams, bridges, wharves, pipelines and general any underwater structure. Non-destructive testing (NDT) testing is also a service also offered by N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services for examination of the integrity of any weld


Anode Installation, monitoring and maintenance

Galvanic cathodic protection (CP) is utilised by N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services to protect marine vessels and submerged underwater structures from galvanic corrosion. A galvanic anode is the main component of a galvanic cathodic protection system and they are made from a metal alloy with a more "active" voltage than the metal of the structure. Application of the galvanic anode is a relatively simple proceed that usually involves unbolting the existing deteriorated anode and replacing it with a fresh one.


High Pressure Water Blasting

High pressure water blasting is usually undertaken initially to allow for inspection of the structure visually or photographically before works begin. It is an effective method of clearing growth from underwater structures and can be done on pipelines, wharves, bridges and shipping.


Underwater Grinding and Drilling

N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services are well equipped with a series of portable underwater and hydraulic powered drilling equipment. Application for this service would include anode installation, sea chest repair crack stop drilling, structure investigation and attaching and fastening to structures or vessels.

We have a range of specialised underwater air and hydraulic powered drilling equipment suitable for general and specialised tasks. We have drill systems from basic hand held pistol type grip tools to custom press mounted units in both air and hydraulic.

The various equipment available has the capacity to drill in to various surfaces including metal concrete, rock or timber.

N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services can also offer