How Commercial Diving & Salvage Can help you

CDS can provide professional team to support commercial diving and tug and barge services to facilitate any contractual needs, whether the project requirements are for operations that are on the water, underwater or lake/dam projects.

The company’s reputation is well documented for the team's ability to rapidly mobilise and repeatedly carry out all project requirements in a skilled and safe manner. CDS provide a 24 hour / 7 day a week emergency service and standby their quality policy that the company has the capability to rapidly respond to our clients’ needs at any time.

Ship repairs

All inspections are recorded with video and photographic evidence being available to the client.


CDS is well situated in Cairns to provide rapid mobilisation of the Utility work boats and barge to any area…

Decompression Chamber

By having access to the decompression chamber CDS has the scope to undertake contractual work that require divers to operate…

Marine Research

Marine research within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and local waterways.

Underwater Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs

Underwater Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs

Mooring Installations, Inspections and Repairs

CDS again has a strong reputation with state and local government bodies for providing a professional service of mooring installation,…

Dam wall survey inspection

CDS portable equipment system allows for rapid mobilisation of the company‚Äôs road vehicles and diving vessels in tow to often…

Underwater inspection and repairs for onshore facilities

Underwater inspection and repairs for onshore facilities