About North Queensland Diving & Salvage Services

The North Queensland Diving and Salvage Services operation in general underwater construction and marine salvage industry provides essential services to Australia’s maritime and insurance communities.

About N.Q. Diving & Salvage Services

The main roles of the North Queensland Diving and Salvage Services are protection of the environment and mitigation of any losses suffered by shipowners and their insurers.

 N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services has completed projects within geographically diverse regions from the most inaccessible inland locations to the furthest out Great Barrier Reef and the Torres Straits. N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services operate in a technically varied industry and have provided the equipment and services to successfully effectuate projects that include in marine casualty response, pollution defence, wreck removal, cargo recovery, towage and related activities throughout this region.

Risk Management

With strategic risk management being applied, the organization is balancing its exposure to risk and enjoy more certainty when accepting risk which is necessary to obtain new contracts, and new ways of competing in the commercial diving industry. Effective risk management support the achievement of the company’s objectives, help improve service delivery, accountability, decision-making, and ultimately, contributing to client satisfaction.

All diving operations are completed safely through compliance to these standards.

  • Comprehensive Integrated Management System (IMS) incorporating:
  • Quality Assurance
  • Environmental
  • State and Federal Legislation and Standards

We uphold current insurance policies and workers compensation as follows:

  • Comprehensive Commercial Marine Insurance
  • Public Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Safety Statement

The company operate in a vast scope of commercial marine operations in varying environments and as such is extremely vigilant when assessing work safety. The continual integration of our Work Health and Safety policy into all projects assists with maintaining a safe work environment. N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services objective is to provide a workplace that is injury and incident free for all its employees

N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services comprehensive scope of understanding of risk management in order to become a prime mover in doing business.

Project Experience

N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services has gained extensive experience from undertaking varied commercial diving and salvage projects every year since 1985 at locations throughout Northern Australian and the Torres Straits.


  • Seafaris salvage
  • Barron River Bridge pile restoration
  • Torres Strait jetty upgrades
  • Barron River power station upgrade and annual maintenance
  • BSE slipping’s
  • South Johnson Sugar Mill maintenance
  • MSQ wreck removal – Cairns and Port Douglas
  • Palm Cove jetty upgrade
  • Towage between Torres Strait and Bowen
  • Seaswift mooring maintenance
  • General mooring maintenance within the Great Barrier Reek Marine Park

N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services Equipment

CDS Equipment

N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services have a specialised portable dive spread located in Weipa, North Queensland offering commercial diving within this remote location. The compact unit provides maximum space efficiency affording our ability to mobilise on site rapidly and efficiently anywhere within the Gulf of Carpentaria region.

N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services combine the Kirby Morgan diving helmets among other job specific diving suits and masks. Other specialized equipment that includes, remote operated vehicle systems (ROV) and underwater photo and video equipment and monitor.

N.Q. Diving and Salvage Services also have the equipment listed below for services above and below the water for hire:

  • Utility work boat (9.90m)
  • Dumb barge (15m) with crane
  • Diving work boat (5.5m)
  • Work boat (8.0 m)
  • ROV, video and photographic equipment with live monitor
  • Predator protection cage
  • Lift bags
  • Salvage winches
  • Hull repair plugs and material
  • Underwater welding equipment
  • Underwater dredging equipment
  • Underwater steel cutting
  • UT steel measuring instruments
  • Oil booms, silt curtains and other specialised oil and fuel absorbent’s.